My Time at HSC

As soon as I walked through the doors my freshman year, I felt at home, as if I were a senior returning after weeks of summer. Not only were the teachers more than helpful in guiding me along like a guppy within the Caribbean Sea but that is when I met all of my friends that I am still friends with. Some transferred or something along that line and kept minimum contact with me which, for me, meant there was never a friendship to begin with. Everybody welcomed me with open arms which made it easy for someone as coy as me to feel accepted and loved. People that I have come across have used words to describe me such as kind, sweet, nice, smart, and a good friend.

I’ve seen myself grow academically as well. I entered from middle school equipped with knowledge feeling like there wasn’t a great deal left for me to learn; boy, was I wrong. By my sophomore year, it finally clicked inside of me that there is always another aspect to something that I already know and phenomenal teachers that can teach me that.

Because of HSC, I was able to enroll in a philosophy course at Quinnipiac University which has completely impacted my life in just the past 4 months. It’s more than just getting college credit to me; it’s about looking at life through a different lens, a lens that not just anybody can get a look through.

Aside from academia, I have grown as a person. Before HSC, I wasn’t open to trying new things or meeting new people, afraid of the inevitable: change. It’s not to say that I’m willing to do any and everything now but it’s come to me that it is better to have tried and failed or not have liked it with a chance of winning than to never have tried at all and regretting it when I have gray hair and aching bones. My friends (and I do not use that term loosely) have shown me that it’s okay for people to see a side of you that is outside of your comfort zone and it’s okay to venture out because no matter the situation, a true friend will be with you for blue skies and grays.

When my parents broke the news about moving to North Carolina to me and November 22nd being my last day at school, it felt like my heart had been torn from my chest with ruthless hands and beaten with a sledge hammer. My biggest concern was how were my friends (who’d now become family to me) going to take it? Would our bond still remain? What am I going to do about school? Am I going to be learning things that will get me the easy A and into an okay college? Millions of thoughts and concerns kept me up at night.

On a happy note, I can honestly say that no matter how people put down the building’s appearance or people within it, I was able to find my truest and closest friends here, ones I’d see ten years from now and not feel awkward at all. Any adult in this building would go far beyond what his or her degree or title requires to ensure that I live my life to the fullest and have as many opportunities as the next person. A community that soon became like ones in a neighborhood where they’d meet and just enjoy each other’s company. And for that, I would like to thank every single person whose life has crossed paths with mine.

Never would I have ever imagined that a school and those within it would do all of this for and to me. Never would I have ever imagined that saying goodbye would be so hard.

–Shainah M. Andrews