TAPS Award Winners: Mike Zagata and HSC ALSJ!

We’re so proud of our PTSO leaders the Zagatas and of ourselves for winning TAPS awards!


From TAPS:

We are excited to announce the winners of the 2015 TAPS Awards. Congratulations to these exceptional Teachers, Administrators, Parents, Support Staff and Community Partners for their contribution to the New Haven Public Schools mission of preparing all students for success in college, career and life. This year we have created a new category to recognize and share innovative practices happening in schools across the district.
Please join us at this year’s TAPS Awards ceremony from 4-6 p.m. on June 2 at Hill Central School.
2015 TAPS Award winners:
  1. Val Jean-Belton- Cooperative Arts and Humanities
  2. Elaine Parsons- Reading Central Office
  3. Heriberto Cordero- Clinton Ave. School
  1. Michelle Paulishen- Edgewood Magnet School
  2. Abir Zenait- Engineering & Science University Magnet School
  3. Gloria Rodriguez- Wilbur Cross High School
  4. Danielle Zito- Davis St. School
  5. Chevaunne Breland- James Hillhouse High School
Support Staff
1.      Carolyn Ross-Lee- Research & Data Central Office
2.      Keith Young- Lincoln-Bassett School
3.      Patricia Williams- Brennan- Rogers School
4.      Tarey Hampton- Nathan Hale School
5.      Zulma Roldan- Columbus Family Academy
6.      Dennis Tondalo- Conte West Hills Magnet School
1.      Marleen Kim- John C. Daniels Magnet School
2.      Daisy Gonzales- East Rock Magnet School
3.      Michael Zagata- High School in the Community
4.      Talia Morton- Wexler Grant School
5.      Edita Solano- Columbus Family Academy
6.      Lourdes Delgado- Fair Haven School
Community Partners
  1. Aaron Jafferis- The Word
  2. Jewish Coalition for Literacy
  3. CPEP Connecticut Pre-Engineering Program
Innovation Awards
  1. Youth Stat- Hillhouse and New Light Teams
  2. The Personalized Learning Pilot Schools – Metropolitan Business Academy, New Haven Academy, High School in the Community, Sound School and Cooperative Arts & Humanities High School
  3. Nathan Hale teacher leaders for their work around use of Authentic Intellectual Learning and innovative professional development
We are proud to have the opportunity to acknowledge the special people nominated in recognition of their contribution to making the New Haven Public Schools a place for children and families to rise!