Legal and Law Enforcement Day at HSC ALSJ

We would like to thank Chief Esserman (NHPD) and Chief Higgins (Yale PD) for serving as the keynote speakers for our very first Legal and Law Enforcement Day! It was an incredible event, starting with their wise words and with the opportunity to present our first distinguished alumni award to Assistant Chief Luiz Casanova (NHPD).

After the opening meeting, students participated in sessions with guest presenters to gain a greater understanding of the law and its role in our lives and society. Our amazing presenters included Nikki Britton (NHPD Dispatch), Attorney Victor Bolden, Sgt. Campbell and Officer Hoyt (NHPD Academy), Michael Clark (UNH Criminal Justice Program), Amy Eppler-Epstein and Erin Shaffer (New Haven Legal Assistance), Officer Renee Forte (NHPD), Dr. Jess Gregory (SCSU), Asst. U.S. Attorney for the District of Connecticut Gordon Hall, Private Investigator John Hoda, Attorney Christine Jean-Louis, Corrections Officer Michael Jones, Attorney Ken Krayeske, Corinne Latham (SCSU Pre-Law Society), Barbara O’Brien (IRIS), QU School of Law Mock Trial Society, QU School of Law Public Interest Law Project, QU School of Law Society for Dispute Resolution, Connecticut Superior Court Judge Angela Robinson and Magistrate Michael Ferguson, Attorney Alice Rosenthal, Attorney Charly Sahlia, Christian Shaboo (Future Project), Officer Greg Swiantek (Yale PD), and Attorney Adam Vandervoot. We cannot thank them enough for taking time out of their busy lives to work with our students!

I think HSC student Alana said it best in her reflection on the day:

Justice? To help or walk away?

To sit and listen or take action?

I can do or be done.

I can be great or be nothing.

I can make a difference or make it different.

A positive community will produce positive children.

LLED Judge Robinson and Magistrate Ferguson

LLED Law Theater

LLED Sgt. Campbell

LLED John Hoda

LLED Christine Jean-Louis

LLED Charly Sahlia

LLED Alice Rosenthal

LLED Victor Bolden

LLED Dr. Jess Gregory

LLED Gordon Hall

LLED Officer Swiatek

LLED Michael Jones

LLED Michael Clark

LLED QU Mock Trial

LLED Adam Vandervoot


Photos by Marisa Misbach and Kelly Gouse (HSC Student Reporters)