HOT Arts Integration

The Higher Order Thinking (HOT) Schools Program is an arts integration program, which means that we include the arts in every class and every subject area.

HOT schools include:

  • Strong Arts: We use arts to support critical thinking skills, judgment, and problem solving skills. The arts make learning exciting and engaging.
  • Arts Integration: Including arts in all subject areas helps students make interdisciplinary connections, synthesize information and idea, and appreciate the power of the arts.
  • Democratic Practice: HOT schools emphasize student choice, participation, connection, and contribution. We celebrate each student’s unique voice.

To support our students as they embark upon this exciting educational path, HSC has also joined forces with the Higher Order Thinking Schools (HOTS) program. From the State of Connecticut HOTS web site:

In HOT schools, the arts are rigorous academic subjects, each with its own sequential curriculum that conveys knowledge not learned through other academic disciplines. HOT schools integrate the arts across disciplines, creating arts-rich environments that motivate students to make connections between and among subject areas and ideas. HOT schools cultivate a democratic school culture to which all members of the school community contribute and in which individual leadership is emphasized. The HOT approach is reflected in a school’s commitment to child centered, experiential, arts integrated teaching and learning. In an arts infused environment, the processes of creating, performing and responding lead to increased achievement, increased attendance by students and staff, lower rates of retention, higher self-esteem, decreased discipline problems, greater parent participation and a growing sense of community.

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