Happy Law Day!

Judge John Nazzaro visited HSC ALSJ today for our celebration of Law Day, telling us about the holiday’s history and his personal experiences, as well as answering our students’ questions. Public school educated, John Nazzaro headed off to state college and then to Quinnipiac Law. After a successful career as a lawyer, he became the first male Asian judge elected in Connecticut. Here are a few of our favorite quotes from Judge Nazarro’s speech:

“The lady of justice is blind for a reason.”

“If you can’t be understood, your message won’t be conveyed.”

“Don’t let anyone deprive you of the opportunity to achieve your own goals. It’s your life, and you have control.”

“You’ve got to do it for you” (Tatiana Stroud’s favorite quote).


Judge Nazzaro 2



–Pictures by HSC student Justin McClendon