A Foundation Student’s Perspective

I’m Annabel. I’m 14 years young and I’m a foundation student (9th grader) at High School in the Community.

When I first started attending HSC, I was a freshie with a billion questions. I wondered what my schedule would be like, how I was going to make friends, if HSC was different from other schools. All these questions rushed through my mind, but I didn’t have anyone to answer them. I was confused and scared. Soon, I figured out that I wasn’t the only one with these questions and fears. It calmed my fears a bit to know I wasn’t alone.

A couple of days before school started, we had an orientation and we got to meet our new classmates, ask questions, and stuff like that. The school is relatively small, so there’s not too many students. It makes it easier to connect to your classmates and teachers in my opinion. But one of the biggest things you have to remember as a new student is YOU ARE NOT ALONE! It took me a while to remember that there’s a whole other 40-60 kids feeling the exact same way I was. So I knew it’ll be okay!

When we first started school we had a different schedule to follow each day. It’s easy if you don’t lose your schedule like I did, but you can just find a friendly face from your class and follow them. HSC is a mastery-based learning school. You go at your own pace so you don’t have to worry about falling behind.

One of my biggest worries about starting high school was getting lost. The school itself isn’t very big so it’s hard to get lost, but if you do just ask a student or teacher. Everyone at HSC is super friendly. The teachers are always there for you and the students are not mean! Most foundation students assume upperclassmen are scary. They’re really not. HSC is a community, so we won’t disregard you and be mean.

I truly do think that HSC is an awesome school. We are like a little family, and it’s cool. At High School in the Community, we are the Eagles and we all carry ourselves with HSC pride!