Flight Days

We were too excited about getting back to school to sit still, so instead of just running through schedules and going over syllabi, HSC ALSJ students got right to work.

Flight Days 1







Students selected pathways, participated in mini-lessons, and then worked in groups to prepare “flight plans”: projects that reflected their individual and unique understanding and synthesis of their learning experiences.

Our HSC teachers worked together to plan exciting pathways for the students. The STEEP group spent most of the day outside, Law and Politics asked questions and found answers, Social Services offered a helping hand, Arts and Self-Expression students stretched their creative muscles, and the Creative Engineering/Design pathway built literal and metaphorical bridges. On the second day of school, students were already on their feet presenting their work in a town meeting.

One of the Creative Engineering/Design groups decided that sharing resources–particularly food–would be a great way to build a bridge between people. They put together a box and encouraged their classmates to contribute. Less than a week later, the box is full and HSC ALSJ students are making a difference in their community:


Flight Day Food Drive







This year is definitely off to a great start!