Final Four!

The dominance of Angel M. continues as he put an end to the cinderella story that was Lizeth the Dragon Slayer. Angel would have none of the hype as the crowd cheered for Lizeth to continue her run and knock off another heavyweight. Angel gave her more than she could handle with a 21-10 victory and moved on to the final four. Can someone give him a little competition?
Jeremiah continues to create magic as he shocked the crowd’s favorite sophomore Owen with a 21-16 upset. The boy must be a magician as he has been able to somehow knock off Matthew F. and Owen in consecutive days, not an easy feat. A distraught Owen could not believe what happened as Jeremiah paraded around the gym celebrating his big win. Jeremiah has been on top of his game but will now have the task of figuring out a way to beat Angel.
Dante gave Jen all she could handle. It was a hard fought match as both players refused to let the shuttlecock land on their side of the net. The match lasted long, both Jen and Dante sweating but never giving up. Eventually Jen was able to figure things out late pulling away and ending the match 21-16.
Jairo put the Milkman out of commission with a 21-10 beating. It was a great run for Justice but he was not able to get it done against the energetic sophomore. Jairo becomes the last sophomore standing advancing to his first final four. He will have a big test with Jen but is determined to represent the sophomore class in the finals.
So there we have it:
Angel vs. Jeremiah
Jen vs. Jairo
They are both going to be great games with the winners advancing to the championship game!
Games will be played Monday during lunch with the championship game Tuesday.
Badminton fever rolls on.