Crawford Law Lunch

We were honored to have members of the George W. Crawford Black Bar Association join us for lunch yesterday. Our students can’t stop talking about how much they learned:

Law Lunch Featured Pic.2

“I learned that even though the amount of schooling that you have to go through may seem like a lot, at the end of it all, it’s worth it.” –Ben

Law Lunch 2

“I enjoyed learning about how each person made their decision to go into the field of law.” –Alexis

Law Lunch 3

“I enjoyed hearing the lawyers speak about the hardest challenges you have to face and the benefits you will receive from doing well in school.” –Angelique

Law Lunch 4

“[I learned] they pushed themselves and had good people in their lives.” –Daisy

Law Lunch 5.Tatyana

“I learned that you have to choose who you hang out with and just to take one step at a time.” –Tatyana

Law Lunch 6

“I learned the basic process of how to successfully get into college and become a lawyer.” –Eric

Law Lunch 7

“I would not change one thing [about this event].” –Selena

Law Lunch Final PIc

“I really liked the great experiences the lawyers provided. I think they are good mentors for us.” –Robbin