Courtroom inauguration

HSC had their first inauguration for the courtroom on Wednesday October 26th, 2016. This was a grand opening, as well as addition to High School in the Community especially for the student body. It contributes to the school’s Law and Justice system- allowing students to reenact mock trials and portray the environment of what an actual courtroom may feel like. The court room has a judge’s stand, jury box, and accompanied by two counsel tables.The cost was $500,000 provided by the commissioner’s Network and it took about 8 months to pursue.

Matt Brown, Superintendent of Schools Garth Harries, David Cicarella, and president of the New Haven Federation of Teachers, spoke at the inauguration. Also, Jack Stacey’s Mock trial class reenacted a trial to get a better understanding of Law education. The event was gracious, and the courtroom will continue to be a great symbol for what the school represents.


Shelly Rodriguez