College Summit Peer Leader Conference

Above: Quamar (HSC), Superintendent Garth Harries, Kayla (HSC), Kendall (NHA)

Kayla, Jen, Quamar, and Denasia spent time this past summer learning how to lead their peers down the road to college, and they had a great time refreshing their skills at the College Summit Peer Leader Conference at Albertus Magnus College on Friday.

If you’re an HSC ALSJ student with questions about the college application process, the Common Application, FAFSA, or your personal statement, check in with one of your peer leaders or come to the College Application Eagle Time in the 2nd floor computer lab on Tuesday, 11/19/13!

College Summit Keynote Speaker’s “Five Things”

  1. No one’s going to make it easy. You need to plan, do, reflect.
  2. Be a model for others. Don’t be scared to be a stand out, because leaders are not afraid to be different.
  3. Be encouraged. It’s not easy, because you won’t always get what you want, because the doors aren’t always open, and there are times when you’ll wonder why you’re doing all this. Know you are up against obstacles and that’s a natural thing, but be encouraged.
  4. Teamwork makes the dream work.
  5. Sometimes we focus on the moment we’re in, but you need to see the bigger picture. You represent something great. Understand the significance of who you are and what you do. Use that to drive your passion.

CS Kids

Quamar (HSC), Jen (HSC), Kendall (NHA), and Kayla (HSC) take a break in between speakers and workshops.

CS Speaker

Nilvio Perez, the Albertus Magnus Director of Admissions, was among the inspiring speakers at the event.

CS Denasia

Denasia meets with representatives from other New Haven schools.


FAFSA fashion

CS Going Bananas

Blurry shot of peer leaders “going bananas.”