The By/For Gallery

From “The ByFor Gallery” Facebook event page:

Imagine a blank canvas. The neutral, white canvases we are talking about are the walls of our school, High School in the Community Academy for Law and Social Justice.

At the beginning of the school year, we saw an amazing opportunity in our blank canvases. It was an opportunity to create something new, a new community, within our building. It was an opportunity to build a community truly BY our people: students, teachers, coaches, parents, and community partners. It was an opportunity to paint a picture of change FOR today and to inspire for the future—the future of HSC and the future of New Haven.

Ben Singing

We created the ByFor Gallery.

The day’s activities included live performances by students and community artists, food highlighting the tastes of New Haven, and interactive art instillations. One such installation is Capture the Moment.

Created by HSC junior Julie Vargas, Capture the Moment brings the instantaneous artistry of Polaroid pictures to the hallways of HSC. “I was really surprised to see students interacting with Capture the Moment in their spare time—before school starts, during lunch, even staying after school to create their art,” says Vargas. “Everyone is sharing themselves in a very public way, and it is definitely bringing us closer together as a community.” These three life-sized chalkboard murals allow the HSC community to share the words and images that define us, answering weekly prompts like: What inspires you? What was the best day of your life? What does the future look like?

Capture the Moment

“The ByFor Gallery is allowing me to express myself,” says Shannon Dickey, a senior at HSC. “But the experience isn’t just for students, it’s for everyone in New Haven, to be an artist, to express themselves in HSC and in New Haven.”