Badminton Tournament Champion!

The smoke cleared and one child was left standing in front of a sea of his peers! Joe Gaudio has been crowned champion of the badminton world beating Dominic 21-19. Dominic did not go out without a fight, displaying impressive range and athletic ability that left some bystanders in awe. Joe just seemed to have a few more precise placements of the shuttlecock on his way to capturing the Golden Racket.

The tournament supplied the school with great competition and social interaction! There were blow outs, battles, controversies, and plenty of trash talking! Thank you to everyone who encouraged the kids and kept the tournament buzzing throughout the hallways! As we bid farewell to the HSC Badminton Tournament let’s make sure we congratulate the 46 participants and remind them that next year is a new year. A new year where we will crown the next HSC great!

As for now, Joe Gaudio reigns supreme as the 2016 HSC Badminton Champion!

–Ismael Ortiz, Physical Education Teacher