Badminton fever rolls on!

Little Miss Lizeth turns into the Dragon Slayer once she steps onto the court! The girl rose to the occasion today playing like a child possessed. She first handled Tyron as he sweated profusely around the court with Tymel watching in disbelief. Lizeth 21 Tyron 13. Next up was the outspoken Tymel who proclaimed that he would crush Lizeth once she beat Tyron. As the game began, he quickly realized it would be no walk in the park. Lizeth 21 Tymel 15. The red hot Lizeth moves on.

The brick wall has fallen. Jeremiah shocked the world with a 21-18 victory over longtime favorite Matthew F. It was a hard fought match but Jeremiah was able to somehow get the W. He’ll have the sophomore sensation Owen up next.
Jairo, who made it a record 4 sophomores in the Elite 8, beat an under-the-weather Frankie. Jairo, booming with confidence, will face the Milkman next round.
Jen N. cruised through Ray and Ty Blue as she advanced to her second straight Elite 8 appearance. She did not break a sweat and seemed pretty unstoppable but don’t tell that to Dante who is confident that he can take her on.
So the stage is set:
Jen vs. Dante
Jairo vs. Justice
Angel vs. Lizeth
Owen vs. Jeremiah
Come check out the Elite 8 games during lunch today!