HSC ALSJ is now using JumpRope to provide mastery-based feedback about student progress!  Login using your student’s first name, last name, and NHPS ID number:  https://app.jumpro.pe/parent/HSC

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    HSC ALSJ students participated in the “Learn the [Gettysburg] Address” program at LearntheAddress.org


    High School in the Community was founded 40 years ago as a teacher run school, making it the first small school alternative to New Haven’s large high schools. It is a strong, vibrant community in which students are encouraged to be independent, intrinsically motivated, and willing to play an active role in their own education and in the community.

    Mission and Vision

    HSC students explore issues of law, justice, and equity as these topics apply to their lives, communities, and the world at large. Through a demanding program of learning experiences and performances, they master the skills and knowledge necessary to thoughtfully and ably engage the social and political issues at the heart of American and global citizenship.

    We value competent and responsible incorporation of technology as a tool for learning, instruction, communication, and demonstrations of knowledge. HSC holds an unwavering dedication to innovation in all aspects of the school program, including curriculum, instruction, and assessment, behavior and discipline, and governance and management systems. We encourage rich and meaningful integration of student and adult imagination in the design, delivery, and products of the instructional process.

    At HSC, we are committed to asking and answering these questions: What is justice? What are our responsibilities to our community? What will you do today to create positive change?


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